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Five Exchange 2016 migration best practices

If your organization is considering an Exchange 2016 upgrade, follow these expert tips to make the transition as painless as possible.

Microsoft released the newest version of Exchange Server in October 2015. Exchange 2016 was designed to simplify coexistence with legacy versions of Exchange, but Microsoft also made collaboration a priority with improvements to public folders, shared mailboxes and document sharing.

These expert tips can help guide administrators through an Exchange 2016 migration, including preferred architecture, load balancing and topology requirements.

What to consider before migrating to Exchange 2016

With mainstream support for Exchange 2010 ending in 2015, many organizations that are still using the older version should consider migrating to Exchange 2016. There are five essential areas, including client software, which should be prioritized to ensure a smooth transition.

Exchange 2016 installation guidelines

There are six guidelines to be aware of when planning an Exchange 2016 deployment, including load balancing and topology requirements. Organizations should also take note of forest and domain functional level requirements.

Exchange 2016 preferred architecture

All organizations planning an Exchange 2016 migration need to focus on three key areas when designing their Exchange environment, based on the Exchange team's preferred architecture guidelines.

Migrating public folders to Exchange 2016

Public folders experienced a resurgence with the release of Exchange 2013, and Microsoft improved the feature in Exchange 2016. Be aware of the benefits and risks of moving public folders to Exchange 2016 before your organization starts the migration.

How an Exchange 2016 deployment will be easier

Exchange 2016 can coexist with previous versions of Exchange without waiting for an update, but that's just one way an Exchange 2016 deployment will be different from its predecessors.

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