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Five Quick Links: Windows identity and access management

Here are some quick tips on identity and access management that help explain what admins should look out for before implementing it.

Windows identity and access management presents a variety of implications for system administrators. Security, compliance and cost all have an effect on a company’s server -- and it’s the same story for IAM. With an effective IAM system in place, however, admins can successfully handle access, authentication and user rights.

These links provide a synopsis of IAM, including if it’s worth implementing and how admins can improve their servers. 

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1. Are identity and access management payoffs worth the fuss?
IAM implementations might cause headaches at the enterprise level. Using the technology requires a lot of IT attention -- so is it necessary?

2. Six ways to enhance identity and access management right now
Creating a policy and consistently updating the system are just a few things Windows admins can do to improve IAM in an organization. Find out what else you should implement right now.

3. Analyzing IAM security tests in Windows Server 2008 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2 does very well against security checks, but some inexperienced users could end up revealing holes in the system.

4. How cut Windows identity and access management costs
Oftentimes, companies have to reach deep into their pockets to make identity management worthwhile. Fortunately, Microsoft provides a tool that can help decrease the overhead.

5. The benefits of Windows indentity and access management
Compliance is imperative for following industry regulations and it’s one of the few places IAM won’t cost a company.

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