Five quick links: Active Directory design in Windows Server

Find out important tips about Windows Server Active Directory design and administration, like sizing a domain controller and server identity management.

There's a lot that goes into designing and deploying Active Directory in an enterprise. It doesn't, however, have...

to be a complicated task.

In this guide to Active Directory design, find out about sizing DCs, upgrading and managing forest trusts, important commands to know (and some to avoid) and DC security.

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Sizing Active Directory domain controllers
Variable loads make it hard to size a domain controller. Though it's challenging to size a DC, it's definitely possible.

Upgrading Active Directory forest functional levels
Features like authentication mechanism assurance and automatic SPN management are only available when running Windows Server 2008 R2 at the domain level. Here's how to streamline forest functional levels.  

Handling Active Directory Forest Trusts
As more granular security parameters are needed for new AD forests, management can become daunting. Find out how to keep forest trusts with important shortcuts and other helpful tips.

Ntdsutil commands cause concern in Windows Server 2008
Ntdsutil.exe is full of great functionality, but it has a few pitfalls that could cause major setbacks. Find out how to live on the edge with Ntdsutil without falling off. 

Five things you need to know about domain controller security
Domain controllers are integral to a server, so it's important to protect it. Here are a few tips to harden DC security.

This was last published in November 2011

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