Five quick links: Server performance monitoring

Find out about the best performance monitoring tools to keep your Windows Server deployment – and your enterprise – running.

Face it, if a server deployment isn't in tip-top shape, admins run the risk of experiencing full-blown crashes, unnecessary outages and perforan unhappy workforce. An unwatched server could cost a company its money and an admin his job.

Performance monitoring is an incredibly important facet of an IT pro's job. Running tests regularly and analyzing data from those tests can be the difference between a 401K and a 404 page. These five fast links are just some of the many tools that admins can use to make sure a server is running to the best of its ability.

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Microsoft Xperf provides ways to monitor Windows performance
Microsoft's Xperf utility is part of the Windows Performance Toolkit. It bests the monitoring capabilities of Perfmon, an older tool.

Diagnostic reports help monitor DFS health 
Spot trouble, like DFS replication problems, by using the reporting tool introduced in Server 2008.

Five free performance monitoring tools 
Reduce IT support costs by using these powerful computer performance monitoring tools.

Performance monitor aids in domain controller optimization
Learn to use Performance Monitor counters in Windows to optimize domain controllers for maximum system and database performance. 

Overcoming NTFS performance problems 
The NTFS can cause unnecessary performance hits, especially when hard disks already produce enough of a bottleneck on the system. Here are some steps to deal with the aging file system.

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