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Five quick pointers for easing Office 365 migrations

If your enterprise is looking at an email migration, Office 365 can be the best option -- if you know the right questions to ask.

If your enterprise is looking at an email migration, considering every potential option is a must to find what will work best. One option that's received a lot of attention is Office 365, which is the hosted version of Microsoft's Office software and the first step that businesses can take toward the cloud.

There are some important Office 365 considerations enterprises should look into before a potential migration, including the different types of Office 365 migrations and price and feature comparisons, as well as why enterprises may decide to hold off on a migration all together.

Five lessons to learn before migrating to Office 365

After having the chance to work with Office 365, one IT pro takes a look at the five lessons prospective end users can learn before undertaking their Office 365 migrations. Research is a big part of migration success, but the most surprising lesson of all involves SharePoint.

Five reasons enterprises hold off on Office 365 migrations

Although each enterprise is different, analysts and experts say there are five main reasons why most enterprises delay migrating to Office 365. Concerns about man hours and job security are common, but many enterprises just don't like the idea of the cloud -- yet.

The differences between staged and cutover Office 365 migrations

As your enterprise considers a move to Office 365, you'll have to decide whether a staged migration or a cutover migration is better. Staged and cutover migrations are similar, but there is one key difference.

The pros and cons of Office 365, Exchange 2013 and hybrid deployments

Email migrations can be overwhelming. This tip makes it easier to compare the pros and cons of three common email deployment options enterprises look to: Office 365, Exchange 2013 and hybrid setups. Take a look at how Office 365 stacks up.

A look at Office 365, Exchange 2013 pricing and features before a migration

When looking at migration options for your enterprise, expect to spend a lot of your time comparing prices and features. Our expert lays out some of the key differences between Office 365 and Exchange 2013 and offers a look at special Office 365 considerations.

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Hand over ALL your Data / Emails to the Vendor in the Public Cloud / Office 365. With All these Security issues we hear today.............I DO NOT think it is a good idea.................
I've written an Office 365 migration and optimization guide about this which should help. The link is here: