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Five quick tips on Microsoft Azure management

Strapped for time? Get the lowdown on Azure Pack, Microsoft Cloud Platform System and more in this fast feature on Azure.

Microsoft has tried to lure customers to the cloud. And while Microsoft Azure currently holds second place to Amazon Web Services, the company claims its cloud service has seen an increase in adoption in 2015 with more than 10,000 new customers signing up for Azure each week.                                                                                               

So is Azure the right cloud option for your enterprise? Here are five resources to help you get better acquainted with some of the key features of Microsoft's cloud offering.

Microsoft boosts Azure profile with bundle

After Azure Appliances failed to catch on, Microsoft tried cloud in a box again with Microsoft CPS (Cloud Platform System), which bundles Azure, Windows Server and Microsoft System Center on Dell servers.

Microsoft unveils cloud storage for Azure

In its push for broader Azure acceptance among IT shops, Microsoft rolled out Azure StorSimple Manager and Azure StorSimple Virtual Appliance as cloud-based storage options.

Azure Active Directory Premium gives users more control

The Azure Active Directory Premium add-on provides IT pros with several new capabilities, including multi-factor authentication and the ability to allow or restrict single sign-on access using customized groups -- for a price.

Learn about Windows Azure Pack

Windows Azure Pack, a combination of Microsoft Azure technologies running on top of Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft System Center 2012 R2, offers organizations seeking a private cloud with some of the benefits of a public cloud the best of both worlds.

Protect data with Azure RMS

Azure Right Management Services (RMS) offers the same level of data protection as Active Directory RMS -- without the added complexity. Admins with a Microsoft Azure subscription simply need activate the service from the Office 365 portal. 

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