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Five tips for recognizing Office 365 benefits, criticisms

Making the argument on why a move to Office 365 is a good idea? Check out these resources explaining its features and benefits, as well as some criticisms.

Since its introduction, Microsoft Office 365 has been a popular topic of conversation for IT pros. As an online-hosted version of Microsoft Office, it can eliminate traditional IT maintenance while saving organizations money and letting users access the software from their personal devices.

Office 365 can benefit an organization, but it's not without criticisms. The subscription aspect of the suite has been fiercely debated in IT circles. And some in IT fear their jobs could be at risk if organizations move away from the desktop and into the cloud. But are these fears warranted?

These five resources cover what organizations should pay attention to when considering Office 365, including expert tips on how Office 365 compares to other options -- like hybrid Exchange 2013 -- as well as pricing details and features to help you decide if your organization should take advantage of the suite.

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Compare hybrid Exchange 2013 and Office 365 benefits and limits

Before making a decision on an Office 365 move, take a look at its pros and cons. Some of the major Office 365 benefits include capital and revenue savings, financially backed uptime, easy connectivity, and administration savings. Still, don't overlook the disadvantages.

Highlighting Office 365 features and shortcomings

What is included in Office 365 and why should your organization pay attention? This FAQ offers an overview of the technology -- as well as some of its shortcomings and criticisms -- so you can be completely prepared before making the switch.

How do Office 365 pricing and features stack up to Exchange 2013?

In addition to looking at the pros and cons, research the features and pricing you're going to encounter after making the switch to Office 365. Be sure to consider costs, such as licensing, hardware, per-user storage and administration in your research.

Office 365 benefits are something admins should be excited about

When done correctly, a move to Office 365 has the ability to completely change the job of an IT administrator. Find out how changes in the Exchange Control Panel and the Exchange Deployment Assistant will affect you.

Debating the benefits of a switch to Office 365

In this podcast, IT pros discuss survey results, narrowing down which Office 365 benefits compel organizations to make the switch. They also discuss hybrid deployments that mix on-premises Exchange installments with cloud-based Office 365.

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