Five tips to help Exchange admins troubleshoot Outlook problems

These tips look at some of the most common Outlook problems and offer plenty of troubleshooting options.

Admins and end users like Microsoft Outlook for email access, but that appreciation is quickly replaced with frustration as problems occur in the email client.

We compiled five of the best expert tips to troubleshoot Outlook problems. We cover common issues such as failed connectivity as well as repeated prompts for passwords and calendar reminders. More importantly, we include options for simple fixes.

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How to stop repeated Outlook password prompts

There's no known bug that causes continuous password prompts in Outlook 2013, but the prompts may happen because of something as simple as an unchecked box or something a little more difficult, like an improper Global Catalog server registration. Breathe easy, though, because the fixes are simple.

Fix problems with Exchange Offline Address Book

Once admins deploy Outlook 2013, the most common problem that occurs is that Exchange OAB doesn't download to Outlook 2013 clients. Here are a few fixes for issues such as public folders errors, incorrect versions of OAB, URL conflicts and an Exchange 2007 glitch.

Five steps to resolve connectivity issues in Outlook

Office 365 customers have reported problems connecting Outlook to Exchange Online. While there is no official fix for this problem, there are plenty of workarounds to resolve the issue, including trying different PCs and resetting passwords. If it appears that the mailbox is corrupt, there are simple steps to repair it or delete and recreate it.

Using Outlook to troubleshoot Exchange calendar reminders

One reason admins encounter Exchange calendar reminder problems could be that each OS is prompting end users to sign in with a connected Microsoft account. Decluttering the Exchange calendar may fix the problem, depending on which Outlook version you use.

Simple fixes for free/busy problems in Exchange 2010

Outlook 2007 and 2010 clients can use Exchange Web Services to retrieve busy/free information with the Exchange Availability Service. But when free/busy information doesn't display as it should, what's an admin to do? Here are a few ideas.


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