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Five tips to master Exchange 2013 OWA's new features

Learn how to get the most out of OWA 2013 and its features with the help of these five tips.

End users can access calendars, contacts and email with a browser in Outlook Web App. But with OWA 2013 in Exchange Server 2013, end users have access to new features such as merging calendars for a single view and Bing maps.

We found the five best resources to give admins a quick introduction to Exchange 2013 OWA and the best ways to navigate its features. Plus, we look at how mobile users can benefit from OWA 2013.

Expand Outlook access with Exchange 2013 OWA offline mode

With Microsoft introducing access to OWA offline in Exchange 2013 and enabling it by default, organizations can give users more email access options. End users can now do certain tasks that hadn't been possible offline, including opening cached messages, writing new messages and accessing calendars or contacts.

Five ways OWA 2013 can help mobile users

Microsoft focused on improving mobility for Exchange Server 2013; it made five notable improvements to make Exchange 2013 OWA easier for mobile users. One of the top improvements is OWA Offline, which lets mobile users access their mailbox without Internet access, but the other four are just as important.

Avoid an Exchange migration gotcha for OWA redirection

To help your organization have a successful Exchange 2013 migration, avoid common "gotchas" to make the process much smoother. One common gotcha involves redirecting OWA. Making sure your organization has a plan around Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2013 coexistence scenarios, for example, can save time and money down the road.

Helpful hints for OWA 2013 mobile device usage

OWA 2013 was designed with touch-based and non-Microsoft devices in mind, so it's important to know OWA 2013 features and how to use them. The touch-friendly mode has a few improvements, including fewer elements in the display, but it also supports offline access for browsers.

Customize OWA themes in Exchange 2013

One change Microsoft made in the premium version of Exchange 2013 OWA was making it easy to customize, although customizing older versions of OWA involved a similar process. Microsoft recommends building new themes because you could do irreversible damage to OWA if you modify an existing theme.

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