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Hot Exchange Server content of 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, we look back at the most popular tips and features that that readers clamored to access again and again.

Exchange Server admins have had a busy year. They had to keep up with the latest Exchange updates as well as various other changes to the messaging platform. They've also had to learn more about the cloud as organizations look into how off-premises email will come into play in the next year.

In this article, we take a look back at the Exchange Server tips that were most popular with our readers. Learning how to manage and troubleshoot Office 365 as well as Exchange 2013 topped the list of what concerned many Exchange admins.

Single or multiple Office 365 tenants -- which is better?

An organization may consider multiple Office 365 tenants if it has a global end-user base or if it has been involved with an acquisition or merger. But it's important know there are some serious limitations to using multiple tenants.

Use Active Directory to manage Office 365

Once you've migrated to Office 365, you can't edit a mailbox to any great degree with Azure's DirSync tool. Fortunately, you can edit details in Active Directory.

Learn the best ways to share calendars

Exchange 2013 has built-in, standards-compliant features that make it easy to share calendars with internal and external users. End users can share calendars and limit an external recipient's ability to view the details in a calendar.

Troubleshoot slow Office 365 mailbox moves

If your Office 365 mailbox migration is taking longer than usual, there may be an underlying problem. Microsoft provides tools to determine whether network speeds are an issue; end users have other options to determine if there is a progress issue.

Keep these Exchange Server tools handy

There are several tools admins should use to manage and troubleshoot Exchange, such as PowerShell Integrated Script Editor, Log Parser Studio and Jetstress. Learn which tools are must-haves for an Exchange admin's tool belt.

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What Exchange Server content was most helpful to you in 2014?
The ability to share calendars and the updates to the email exchange were the top patches and upgrades to Exchange Server for 2014. The prior versions offered these functions but Microsoft brought their "A" game to the 2014 updates with improved calendar sharing and the email exchange protocols. The added tiered security functions for the transfer and sharing of these two used daily aspects of the OS make the list for 2014 benefits.