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How to prepare for Active Directory in the cloud

Use this feature as your guide to research the best ways your organization can get its Active Directory service ready for the cloud.

Plenty of questions will come up as Windows Server admins research the cloud and weigh its possible use in their organizations. Many of these questions will involve how the cloud will fit in with their current Active Directory setup.

Cloud environments can come in a number of shapes and sizes, but all admins can take steps with their Active Directory setup to prepare for a potential cloud deployment by doing plenty of research and planning ahead of time.

Our feature takes you through some of the important things to know about Active Directory in the cloud, including updates you'll have to consider making, features that can help you deploy Active Directory in the cloud and a new program meant to address an organization's security concerns about the cloud.

Prepare for the cloud with some Active Directory updates
Although a cloud environment can be picked from many different options, all cloud deployments will need proper authentication and identity management for anything your IT department will support. Use these ideas as a starting point to come up with a plan.

Azure Active Directory debuts as new option for organizations

More on Active Directory in the cloud

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When Microsoft delivered Azure Active Directory, organizations had the chance to get their hands on a copy of AD held in the cloud that authenticated and authorized users who access cloud services. But admins should be aware of its limitations.

Azure Active Directory Premium hopes to boost cloud adoption

As security continues to remain one of the biggest obstacles to cloud adoption, Microsoft released an Active Directory service, called Azure Active Directory Premium, as a cloud option to address those organizations with major security concerns.

Features that enable Active Directory cloud deployments
Windows Server 2012 includes a few features that make it easier to deploy Active Directory in the cloud. These features include a wizard that alters domain controller provisioning and something new called Deployment with Cloning for domain controllers.

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