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Interse A/S's iBox 5.0

Learn how iBox 5.0 helps admins find documents in Microsoft's File Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.

Interse A/S's iBox 5.0 is user-friendly search software that enables you to find documents in Microsoft's File Server and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. .

Increasing the efficiency of both File Server and SharePoint, Interse's iBox provides an automatic search functionality that searches all of the connected file systems. By providing an "automatic tagging" functionality, files and folders are automatically classified in accordance with a simple but company-specific information model that can found by a simple search.

iBox 5.0 also features an index-database that contains a "library card" for every file and folder in the file systems. Each one has been tagged with relevant keywords/search words from the company-specific data model.

The new features in iBox 5.0 include the following:

  • Files don't have to be moved from NTFS to MOSS to achieve the maximum benefit of enterprise search. The software works as one application across all content stores that make the metadata model universal and consistent.
  • Changes in metadata are immediately reflected in the classification within re-indexing.
  • Metadata and structures for metadata modeling are imported from back-end systems through ODBC interface, making the enterprise search relate to the existing business model.

System requirements: Dual-core processor, 3 GHz, 64-bit architecture, 16 GB RAM. High-speed hard disk with 15,000 rpm. Hard disk usage for index: up to 40% of repository size. Hard disk usage for index backup: up to 20% of index size. File Server software: Windows Server 2003 configured as File Server). SharePoint software: Windows Server 2003, SPS 2003 or MOSS 2007.

Pricing: $55,000 for 500 users; $75,000 for 1,000 users; $100,000 for 2,500 users.

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