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KnowledgeLake Connect 2008

Learn how KnowledgeLake Connect 2008 increases the usability of SharePoint through features like Send To integration and single login across pre-defined sites

KnowledgeLake Connect 2008 is a small desktop application that lets you save documents to SharePoint in a single step while increasing the usability of SharePoint through features like the Send To function for easy integration and single login across pre-defined sites.

Connect 2008, from KnowledgeLake Inc., monitors the files you retrieve from SharePoint and updates SharePoint as you save changes to your documents. With it, users can quickly and securely save documents to SharePoint from any desktop application — and from anywhere you have a Web (HTTP) connection. With Connect 2008, users can use any TWAIN or WIA device to capture a document, then save it directly to SharePoint or to KnowledgeLake Capture Server for further processing.

Figure 1: KnowledgeLake Connect

The following features are included with KnowledgeLake Connect 2008:

  • Ensures that all documents are tagged with appropriate document metadata.
  • Makes sure that changes made to a document in the SharePoint library are saved back into SharePoint.
  • Scans a limited number of documents each day using a scanner attached to a computer, then saves them to SharePoint.
  • Saves Outlook email messages, even those with attachments, directly to SharePoint.
  • Securely stores user credentials for all of the SharePoint servers you use.
  • Browses to any SharePoint folder with a single click.
  • Submits documents to the corporate office as part of a workflow.

System requirements: MOSS 2007, SPS 2003

Pricing: $195 per user license.

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