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MailRetriever for Microsoft System Center DPM

Learn about MailRetriever for Microsoft System Center DPM, a software package for browsing, searching, exporting and recovering email from a Microsoft EDB.

New product for Exchange backup and recovery MailRetriever for Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM) is an affordable and easy-to-use software package for browsing, recovering, searching, exporting and analyzing email and mailbox content directly from a Microsoft Exchange Data Store (EDB).

MailRetriever integrates with Microsoft DPM, allowing you to open data stores directly from a recovery point to restore messages, mailboxes, calendar items, tasks, notes and more.

Figure 1: A screenshot of MailRetriever for Microsoft System Center DPM.

MailRetriever's features include the following:

  • The ability to search and recover email in any Microsoft Exchange EDB. MailRetriever opens any EDB within a DPM recovery point and searches mailboxes, messages, calendars, tasks, notes and folders. Results can then be restored to the original location, a recovery folder or exported to a .PST file for portability in just seconds. Administrators can browse and search the entire EDB or just a specific mailbox to locate items such as messages, tasks, calendars and so on. After locating the desired item, you can perform a simple restore.
  • Perform e-discovery requests and then output to a .PST file for case analysis. Search for messages containing a keyword, phrase or user name, and MailRetriever will scan the entire EDB for messages that meet the selected criteria. You can then export the results to a folder or .PST file, satisfying the native file format requirement for e-discovery and compliance.
  • Integration with Data Protection Manager recovery points. MailRetriever's easy-to-use interface integrates directly with DPM's recovery points for fast message-level restores and recovery.

System requirements: MailRetriever requires Microsoft System Center Data Protection Manager (DPM).

Pricing: $795 per DPM server.

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