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MailSite Collaborator SE Version 8

Learn more about MailSite Collaborator SE Version 8, a Microsoft Outlook add-in that provides email and calendar server software for small enterprises.

New Product Showcase for Microsoft Outlook and OWA add-ins MailSite Collaborator SE is an email and calendar server that works with Microsoft Outlook 2007 without any plug-ins, and provides an alternative to Exchange Server 2007 for small enterprises.

MailSite Collaborator SE
MailSite Collaborator SE is an alternative to Microsoft Exchange 2007 for small enterprises. MailSite Collaborator SE includes an IMAP, POP and SMTP mail server, a calendar server, a contact server, spam and virus protection and a rich Ajax Web client.

MailSite Collaborator SE integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2007 and will automatically synchronize its calendar and contacts without requiring any plug-ins. The email and calendar server software works with other email clients such as Outlook Express, Windows Vista Mail, Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird and Qualcomm Eudora. It also works with calendar clients such as Windows Vista Calendar, Mac iCal and Google Calendar.

Version 8 provides a completely new Ajax calendar/contacts/mail Web client that allows users to link their contacts and calendar to Microsoft Outlook 2007 as they would a SharePoint list.

The software has an email content- and attachment-checking module that quarantines email it finds threatening or recognizes as spam. It also has an exploit shield, an HTML threats engine, which it uses to disable threatening scripts, and a Trojan and executable scanner.

MailSite Collaborator's new features include the following:

  • MailSite ExpressPro, a state-of-the-art Web client that manages email, calendars and contacts, which has been built using the latest Ajax technology. MailSite ExpressPro has the look and feel of Microsoft Outlook.
  • MailSite Calendar Server is new and comes bundled with the software. It works with Microsoft Outlook 2007, Apple iCal, Google Calendar and Windows Vista Calendar. This calendar server allows for calendar sharing between co-workers, family and friends. MailSite Calendar Server has been designed to connect to Microsoft Outlook 2007 without requiring any plug-ins.
  • MailSite Collaborator also comes bundled with a new contacts server, which has been designed to connect to Microsoft Outlook 2007 without requiring any plug-ins.

System requirements: Microsoft Windows-compatible hardware, 512 MB RAM minimum and 100 MB storage minimum; Windows XP Professional (+); Windows 2000 Server (SP4+); Windows 2000 Advanced Server (SP4+); Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition; Internet Information Services (IIS) with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.

Pricing: MailSite Collaborator SE is free for 20 mailboxes, $495 for 50 mailboxes, $995 for 100 mailboxes, $1,495 for 200 mailboxes, and $1,995 for 500 mailboxes. Pricing is available on a per-mailbox basis for more than 500 mailboxes.

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