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Microsoft Exchange Server virtualization tutorial

Get useful information on Exchange Server virtualization best practices, comparisons of third-party virtualization platforms, an overview of Microsoft's virtualization support policy and more details on virtualizing your Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 servers.

Although virtualizing Exchange Server can provide flexibility and stability to your business environment, Exchange administrators are justifiably cautious to adopt virtualization. Benefits such as server and hardware consolidation and disaster recovery (DR) solutions must be weighed against costs and the hesitancy associated with adjusting to a new technology. This Exchange Server virtualization spotlight can help you understand issues surrounding virtualizing Exchange Server, with expert webcasts, podcasts and tutorials that offer advice on which server roles to virtualize, using Hyper-V vs. ESX, helpful how-to's for virtualizing Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007 servers and more.

Exchange Server virtualization mediacasts

Is virtualizing Exchange Server a good idea?
From a server consolidation and storage standpoint, choosing to run Exchange Server in a virtualized hardware environment makes sense. But what about cost and high availability concerns? In this webcast, Exchange MVP Richard Luckett examines the questions surrounding Exchange Server virtualization. He also compares third-party virtualization platforms and shares best practices for virtualizing both Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2007.

What every Exchange administrator should know about virtualization
Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in a properly architected and configured virtualized environment can yield significant benefits in hardware consolidation and disaster recovery solutions. Before architecting a virtualized Exchange Server infrastructure, however, there are a few things you should know. In this podcast, Dustin Lema provides valuable answers to frequently asked questions on Exchange Server virtualization, including determining which Exchange Server roles are best suited for virtualization.

Exchange Server virtualization tutorials, tips and advice

Considerations for virtualizing an Exchange Server environment
Thinking about virtualizing Exchange Server in your environment? Don't forget that planning for a virtualized Exchange environment isn't the same as hosting a server on physical hardware. Before you make a decision either way, read these considerations for virtualizing with VMware's ESX or Microsoft's Hyper-V technology.

How Microsoft's new support policy for virtualized Exchange will affect you
Whether you're evaluating Exchange Server virtualization or you're testing it in production, changes to how Microsoft supports Exchange when it is virtualized will affect you. Exchange Server virtualization expert David Davis provides an overview of these policy changes, along with 10 specific virtualized Exchange conditions that you must follow.

Considerations for virtualizing Exchange 2007 mailbox servers
I/O intensive applications, such as Exchange 2007's Mailbox Server role, do not make the best starting candidates for virtualization. However, with proper architecture and planning, the Exchange 2007 mailbox server can be virtualized in a production environment. Learn about specific issues associated with virtualizing the Exchange 2007 mailbox server and the best practices for working around them.

Virtualizing Exchange Server 2007 with Microsoft's Hyper-V
Despite virtualization's rise in popularity, the best practices for successfully virtualizing an Exchange server remain hotly debated. Learn what steps Exchange Server expert Brien Posey used to virtualize Exchange Server 2007 using Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization technology.

How to virtualize Exchange Server 2003
Choosing to virtualize your Exchange 2003 servers in a production environment is an unsupported but feasible scenario. Find out how to execute this process, along with a few Exchange Server 2003 virtualization setup issues to avoid.

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