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Our top 10 Exchange Server administration tips of 2011

From Exchange Server virtualization and mobile management to common Exchange 2010 problems, these 10 administration tips kept you clicking in 2011.

The Exchange Server virtualization hypervisor debate, Exchange 2010 annoyances and iPhone issues were all at the top of admins’ minds in 2011. Take a look at our most clicked-upon Exchange administration tips of the year.

10. Spotting the five most common iPhone and Exchange ActiveSync problems
Are your iPhone users having difficulty connecting to Exchange? Trace the connectivity problem to one of these five common causes.

9. How to build a virtual Exchange test lab
The best way to test a new version of Exchange Server is a  virtual test lab. It’s extremely flexible and much cheaper than a physical lab. Here’s how to build your own.

8. Checklist for new Exchange Server administrators
If you’ve inherited an oddly configured Exchange Server infrastructure, use this checklist to correct its flaws.

7. BES 5.0.2 and Exchange 2010 SP1: What you should know
Let’s take a look at what's included in BES 5.0.2 express and find out if your Exchange 2010 setup can handle the full version.

6. Resolving three common Exchange 2010 issues
Exchange 2010 is certainly an improvement over Exchange 2007, but it isn’t perfect. Here are three common problems and their solutions.

5. Do this before virtualizing Exchange Server 2010
Virtualizing Exchange 2010 servers is a smart move and the steps involved are fairly simple. However, the actual virtualization process begins long before you create a VM.

4. Exchange Server 2010 on VMware: Why daily monitoring is a must
Properly monitoring Exchange 2010 on VMware vSphere will ensure you benefit from server virtualization. Check these metrics regularly.

3. Moving from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 in 12 steps
Migrating from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 is a daunting task. Here are the 12 steps you need to use to get the job done.

2. Five things that annoy me about Exchange 2010
There's a lot to like about Exchange 2010 but there are also quirks that irritate IT managers. Read these five annoyances to see if you can relate.

1. Hyper-V versus VMware for Exchange Server virtualization
Deciding between VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V for Exchange Server virtualization can be tough. See how each stacks up in terms of cost, features and support.


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