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Our top five IT career tips of 2011

We’ve compiled our top IT career tips of 2011 as a treat to our readers. You’ll learn about various methods you can use to improve your career trajectory -- and save money at the same time.

IT professionals are always looking for ways to further their careers and enhance their value to current and future employers. We’ve gathered our five most popular IT career tips of 2011 into one spot for your viewing pleasure.

5. Write your way toward improved IT career prospects
Strong writers invariably enjoy better IT career prospects. Follow these tried-and-true methods to develop and hone your writing skills.

4. Preparing for your certification on the cheap
When it comes to IT certification prep materials, there are lots of affordable choices. Here’s a look at your options.

3. How IT pros can boost their worth -- and their salaries
IT certifications and experience don't contribute to your company's bottom line. Find out what you need to do to work your way toward a higher salary.

2. Low-cost ways to get the IT skills you need
Do you have the practical experience that’s required to advance your career? Here are five opportunities you may not have thought about.

1. Become a more valuable IT professional: Go beyond your title
Too many IT pros forget that their titles are just labels and that their real worth lies in their work. Follow these 12 tips to further improve your value within your organization.

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