Penetration testing: Five tips in five minutes

What good is your network security plan if a hacker can simply break through your defenses? By testing your own network's security, you can find (and fix) the holes in your perimeter before an unauthorized attacker can take advantage. Check out these five tips for pointers and tools to help you test for your own security weaknesses.

If you invented a new type of car or airplane or a new type of medicine, you wouldn't market it without testing it first, right? Well, the same mentality holds true for launching any aspect of your network; not only to be sure that it works, but to be sure that it is protected as well. What good is a corporate privatized network if an unauthorized hacker can waltz right through your perimeter?

These five tips along with our free testing tools toolbox will give you the equipment and know-how you need in order to keep your network safe from outside threats.

Vulnerability Assessment

  Tip 1: Domain controller penetration testing
  Tip 2: A penetration testing tool you shouldn't be without
  Tip 3: Penetration testing for Windows systems
  Tip 4: Self-testing security guides library
  Tip 5: Pen testing your VPN

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