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Thinking about getting into Windows PowerShell? There's no better time than now. Each month, Powershell MVP Brandon Shell takes an inside look at the world of PowerShell. Are you ready to increase your scripting knowledge in a hurry? It's time to go to school!

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May 2011: Using PowerShell to manage Microsoft Hyper-V
Windows admins aren't limited when it comes to managing Hyper-V from the command line. Here are two (free) options for supporting virtual machines in Windows.

April 2011: Learning the value of designing PowerShell functions for reuse
PowerShell is a highly extensible scripting language, and its many functions make it a tool that is far more versatile than you may think.

March 2011: Applying regular expressions (regex) to Windows PowerShell
It may seem daunting at first, but the combination of regular expressions (regex) with PowerShell can be an admin’s best friend when it comes to certain complex tasks.

February 2011: Windows PowerShell and the .NET Framework: Connecting the dots
You don’t have to be a developer to understand how .NET integrates with Windows PowerShell. By learning just a few basic concepts, admins can help put .NET within reach.

January 2011: How to use WMI with Windows PowerShell scripts
With PowerShell, admins can harness the power of WMI to find all sorts of system and network information. The best part? It’s probably a lot easier than you think.

December 2010: A task-based approach to PowerShell cmdlet design
Unlike developers, many admins prefer the "more cmdlets, the better" approach when performing tasks in Windows PowerShell.

November 2010: Putting production-quality functions together in Windows PowerShell
PowerShell MVP Brandon Shell reviews what it takes for a function to be truly “production-ready” and provides a complete example, called Test-Host.

October 2010: Controlling the output of Windows PowerShell commands
Windows PowerShell features several cmdlets for writing data. Knowing which commands do what can help control the output of your functions and keep your pipelines clean.

September 2010: Error handling with Windows PowerShell
The ability to deal with errors is critical to writing quality PowerShell functions. Here you'll find basic tips for detecting errors and figuring out what went wrong.

August 2010: Understanding the parameters of Windows PowerShell functions
Parameters in Windows PowerShell can help admins better customize their functions, leading to improved input testing and more extensible commands.

July 2010: Alternative PowerShell commands for AD management
While Microsoft has added many new cmdlets for PowerShell 2.0, admins can also use additional options from Quest Software and other outlets when working with Active Directory.

May 2010: Inside the new PowerShell 2.0 commands for Active Directory
Windows Server 2008 R2 comes with a bevy of new PowerShell cmdlets for managing AD. Here is a rundown of the key commands, with details on how they work and when to use them.

April 2010: Making PowerShell your own
Admins can further customize PowerShell's capabilities by extending the use of filters, profiles and more. Here you'll find some basic techniques to keep in your back pocket.

March 2010: How to customize your Windows PowerShell environment
With scripting environments, one size does not fit all. See how profiles, functions and modules can help you personalize -- and extend the functionality of -- Windows PowerShell.

February 2010: The terms and commands you absolutely need to know
You won't get far with PowerShell unless you know the basics. This article breaks down the key components and terminology to get you started.

January 2010: What makes Windows PowerShell unique?
Find out why learning Windows PowerShell makes sense -- even if you are already comfortable with other scripting languages.

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