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Prepare for a SharePoint 2013 upgrade with five tips

Considering an upgrade to SharePoint 2013? Find out the answers to the most common questions IT pros will ask before making the jump.

Admins will ask these three questions when considering an upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint 2013: What do we need to do for up-front planning? How can we help our end users prepare for the upgrade? What are some of the best feature improvements we can use to make this upgrade worth it?

Answer those burning questions by reading these five tips to help admins get ready for a SharePoint 2013 upgrade.

How licensing for SharePoint 2013 is cheaper and simpler

Before making the jump to a SharePoint 2013 upgrade, admins should be aware of the licensing changes. The potential cost savings for IT shops is a major plus.

SharePoint 2013 simplifies UI, has additional apps

This brief look at the changes in SharePoint 2013 -- which include tracking license usage, the customization options and the UI style -- can help admins decide if upgrading to SharePoint 2013 is right for their enterprise.

Extensive planning and preparing users for a SharePoint 2013 upgrade

The two tasks admins should plan to tackle when preparing for an upgrade to SharePoint 2013 involve lots of up-front planning and helping end users be ready for the coming changes.

Microsoft improves SharePoint workflows

Although SharePoint workflows aren't a new feature, IT pros can easily learn how to use the two separate platforms in SharePoint 2013 and to make the most of the upgrade.

SharePoint 2013 simplifies structure for search, metadata-driven navigation

After a SharePoint 2013 upgrade, IT departments can take advantage of the changes to search, since SharePoint's search engine is now combined with Microsoft's Term Store Manager.

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