readers sound off on MCSE

The current state of Microsoft's certification program has caused plenty of debate amongst IT professionals. With the announcement that a revamped MCSE program is on the way, our readers have plenty to say. The following is a compilation of five letters to the editor describing how people feel about the current process, as well as the changes to come.

For several years now, Microsoft has found itself under attack by IT professionals because of its training and certification program. While the details of the concerns they raise differ, everyone certainly seemed to have an opinion.

Some said the process compares poorly to hands-on experience; others felt the training process was too rigorous and expensive. Regardless of the sentiment, however, it was clear that the voices were getting louder.

Now that Microsoft has announced plans for a new and improved credentials system coming in November, it has set off an even greater commotion in the IT world.

In the following letters to the editor, read what fellow readers and IT professionals think about the current state of Microsoft's certification program, as well as their thoughts on the upcoming changes Microsoft is making. A general accounting of the correspondence tells us some are concerned about the effects of a revamped MCSE program, while others are just happy that changes are on the way.

If you have your own opinion about Microsoft's certification program and strategy, write to us at .

  • Letter #1: True real world test value - I kid you not!
  • Letter #2: Certifications and R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Letter #3: No exclusivity gimmicks please!
  • Letter #4: Make certification mean something
  • Letter #5: $10,000 later, no certificate
  • Letter #6: My training covered real-world scenarios
  • Letter #7: Training doesn't justify certification
  • Letter #8: Certifications from vendors: How did it come to this?
  • Letter #9: Cert process suffers from "lack of standardization"

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