The Exchange Server and Active Directory Toolbox

Discover a collection of tools that will help you tackle Exchange Server administration tasks that require the use of Active Directory.

Exchange Server and Active Directory are so tightly integrated with each other that Exchange Server administrators usually have to become Active Directory administrators as well. This collection of tools will help you tackle Exchange Server administration tasks that require the use of Active Directory. You'll discover tools to perform Active Directory queries, monitor and troubleshoot replication, export and import Exchange Server and Active Directory data (e.g., user records, mailbox contacts and distribution lists) -- and much more.

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   Active Directory Migration    Active Directory Schema
Tool (ADMT) Diagnose (ADSD)
Active Directory Service ChangeAuditor for
Interfaces (ADSI) Active Directory
ADModify.Net CVSDE
IMI GAL Exporter OrgBuilder
LDIFDE utility

ChangeAuditor for Active Directory
Tool audits changes to Active Directory
As powerful as Active Directory (AD) is, it lacks ability to collect information about who changed what and when in an AD store. One tool that fills this need is ChangeAuditor for Active Directory.
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ADModify.Net tool aims to please Exchange Server admins
ADModify.Net tool is useful for Exchange Server administrators who need to make modifications in bulk to Active Directory user and object records.
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Free tool creates AD user accounts from a .CSV file
Punching user accounts into Active Directory one at a time is tedious and a waste of time. Use the free OrgBuilder tool instead to import the data from a .CSV file.
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LDIFDE utility
Simultaneously add telephone numbers to Active Directory
You don't have to add a large group of numbers to Active Directory one by one. expert David Sengupta shows you the tool you need to get the job done in one sweep.
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Import multiple mail-enabled contact accounts to AD
Find out how to use the CVSDE tool to import thousands of mail-enabled contacts to Active Directory as a text file.
How to query Active Directory for the altrecipient field expert David Sengupta provides the best non-script method for performing an Active Directory query to find out who has the altrecipient field filled out for Microsoft Exchange Server.
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IMI GAL Exporter
Updating Exchange Server Global Address Lists
Learn about the two basic methods for updating Global Address Lists in Exchange Server and Active Directory, and discover native and third-party tools you can use to tackle both approaches.
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Active Directory Schema Diagnose (ADSD)
Tool diagnoses Active Directory schema problems
A malfunctioning Active Directory schema can cause all sorts of problems for Exchange Server, from replication issues between servers to Exchange Server not working at all. Luckily, there's a free tool that can determine if a schema can be successfully updated, and where the problem lies if it can't.
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Troubleshooting Exchange replication with REPADMIN
REPADMIN is a built-in Windows diagnostic command-line utility that works at the Active Directory level to diagnose Windows and Exchange Server replication issues.
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REPLMON: Microsoft Active Directory replication monitoring tool
Since Active Directory is at the heart of Exchange Server's functionality, problems with it can affect Exchange as well. To help diagnose AD replication issues, Microsoft created REPLMON, a tool included in the Windows Server 2003 Support Tools collection.
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Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT)
Migrating from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 using ADMT
If you need to move mailboxes from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 in the same domain, you might want to use the Active Directory Migration Tool to facilitate the migration process.
Using ADMT to move Exchange Server accounts from NT4 to Windows 2003 expert Peter terSteeg offers advice on moving Exchange 5.5 and NT4 accounts to Exchange 2003 and Windows 2003.
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Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI)
Limit the creation of top-level public folders
Learn the steps to limit the creation of top-level public folders with the Active Directory Service Interfaces (ADSI) editing tool.
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I'd like to contribute to the "new cool tools for Exchange."

I have been using a new free tool from SysOp Tools called AD Query. The tool allows me to query any Active Directory user or computer object in the domain and shows all of the associated object schema data, LDAP data, Exchange Server attributes, etc., on one screen. It's become a great time saver for me and one of the tools I now reach for first.

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In addition to the free AD object query utility, I've also been using SysOp Tools' Password Reminder PRO for the past two months. This tool, which sends expiring-password notices to domain users via email, while not free, has already lowered our support desk overhead of dealing with expired passwords by about 90%! I've been scripting something like this for a long time (with widely varying results), and this tool totally nails it. I'm sending them a case of beer.

Frankly, both tools rock.

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