The Microsoft Outlook Toolbox

Discover over 20 must-have tools and add-ins that will boost Microsoft Outlook's security and performance capabilities and fix its feature flaws and shortcomings. This collection includes utilities such as Adolsign, OABInteg, SNARF, RSS Popper for Outlook, TweakOL and many more.

Discover over 20 must-have tools and add-ins that will boost Microsoft Outlook's security and performance capabilities...

and fix its feature flaws and shortcomings.

   MAPILab NNTP    E-mail Follow-Up    SynchPST
OutlookFIX    Find & Replace for Regmon
MS Outlook
Adolsign SNARF PstPassword
for Outlook
Outlook Attachment TweakOL OutlookSpy
Language Stamper Exchange Profile Aid4Mail
Update Tool
RSS Popper for Outlook Redemption Lookout for
Outlook Outlook
Outlook Journaling PST2GB Advanced Security
for Outlook
Outlook-Domino IRM add-on OABInteg

A newsgroup reader for Microsoft Outlook
Outlook Express, the stripped-down version of Microsoft Outlook, has a newsgroup reader in it. But the full version of Microsoft Outlook does not. MAPILab NNTP is a tool that fills this feature void in Microsoft Outlook.
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E-mail Follow-Up
Microsoft Outlook add-in expands email follow-up functionality
Learn about an add-in called E-mail Follow-up (1.7) that expands enormously on Microsoft Outlook's existing email follow-up functions.
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How to synchronize multiple Microsoft Outlook .PST files
SynchPST 2.1.1 is a standalone utility that lets you take two or more Microsoft Outlook .PST files and keep them synchronized, either manually or automatically.
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Repair damaged .PST files
OutlookFIX is a third-party tool that deals with some of the data management problems associated with using personal store (.PST) files for Microsoft Outlook.
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Find & Replace for MS Outlook
Tool lets you search and replace in Microsoft Outlook
Outlook doesn't have global search-and-replace functionality that can span multiple object types. Luckily, the third-party program "Find & Replace for MS Outlook" does.
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Restrict/remove the Permission tab in Outlook
Prevent Microsoft Outlook users from assigning other users rights to their mailboxes.
Download Regmon
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Outlook Attachment Sniffer
Manage attachments with Outlook Attachment Sniffer
Email attachments eat up a lot of mailbox space. But most users don't want to deal with the hassle of breaking them off messages manually to save them elsewhere. Luckily, with shareware application Outlook Attachment Sniffer (OAS) 4.1, they don't have to.
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Change undocumented Microsoft Outlook features
TweakOL allows you to modify undocumented Outlook 2000/2003 settings. Get the download link and learn about the features you can change using this free tool.
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Manage hidden Outlook properties and settings
Integrated directly into Outlook, this tool provides access to all Outlook Object Model objects, lets you examine values of the properties, call functions, browse object hierarchy and monitor Outlook events.
Download OutlookSpy
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Language Stamper
Freeware tools change Exchange mailbox language settings
A new set of freeware tools solves an annoying folder-naming problem that plagues Outlook and Exchange users in multilingual environments.
Download Language Stamper
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Exchange Profile Update Tool
Microsoft Exchange Profile Update Tool (ExProfre)
Microsoft Exchange Profile Update Tool is a command-line utility that performs the necessary step of updating Outlook profiles after you move mailboxes across Exchange organizations or administrative groups.
Download Exchange Profile Update Tool (ExProfre)
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File converter makes quick work of pesky .PSTs
Outlook's .PST file format doesn't lend itself to easy conversion, but a handy tool called Aid4Mail can take the pain out of the process.
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Lookout for Outlook
Free tool accelerates Outlook store searches
Lookout for Outlook is a free third-party add-on for Outlook 2000 and later that offers lightning fast searches of .PST files and customizable search parameters.
Download Lookout
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Outlook Journaling
A poor man's archiving tool
If you work for a small company and traditional methods of message archiving are beyond your budget, there is a way you can archive email for free: Outlook Journaling.
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Repair and recover .PST files with PST2GB
If a .PST file grows to over 2 GB, it can become damaged and some mail items may be lost. Microsoft's PST2GB tool can help repair and recover the store -- with some caveats.
Download PST2GB
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Advanced Security for Outlook
Free tool improves Outlook security
MAPILab has published a free add-on for Outlook that allows for much better management of security violations. Dubbed "Advanced Security for Outlook," it's a plug-in for Outlook 2000 and up that can be used without cost in commercial or non-commercial deployments.
Download Advanced Security for Outlook
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Outlook-Domino Connector
Microsoft releases Outlook-Domino connector
Microsoft has released an updated version of its free tool to connect Outlook with IBM Lotus Domino servers.
Download Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino
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IRM add-on
Securing Outlook 2003 messages with Information Rights Management
With Outlook 2003's Information Rights Management feature, you can prevent the content of an email message from being forwarded, printed, or copied and pasted into another document.
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Create AD-aware Microsoft Outlook signature files
Adolsign (short for "Active Directory Outlook Signature") is a third-party utility that allows you to automatically generate and populate an Outlook signature file using Active Directory information.
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RSS Popper for Outlook
Free RSS aggregator for Outlook
Outlook has no built-in way to read RSS or ATOM feeds. Fortunately, a free Outlook plug-in called RSS Popper has been designed to fill that need.
Download RSS Popper for Outlook
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Troubleshoot MS Outlook offline address books (.OAB files) with OABInteg
If you have problems generating or synchronizing offline address books (.OAB files) when using Microsoft Outlook in cached mode, you can use the free command-line utility, OABInteg, to troubleshoot.
Download OABInteg
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SNARF: 'Triage' for Microsoft Outlook email
SNARF is a Microsoft utility that can help you better organize your email by indexing your Outlook messages into three prioritized panes. It also consolidates email into "threads" to give you a quick graphical overview of all email passed between you and another person on a particular subject.
Download SNARF
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PstPassword for Outlook
Recover lost Microsoft Outlook .PST passwords
If you've forgotten or misplaced the password to a Microsoft Outlook personal store (.PST), you can use the freeware utility PstPassword to reverse engineer the .PST file and open it.
Download PstPassword
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Outlook Redemption
MS Outlook security workaround for admins and developers
Some Outlook security features inhibit functionality useful to admins and developers. Outlook Redemption lets you get around those limitations and provides extra code functionality.
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