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The five best ways to secure Windows Server deployments

Security is on the minds of Windows Server admins everywhere, so we've compiled the best tips to help keep their enterprises secure.

With major security breaches regularly in the news, Windows Server admins are looking for strategies to keep their enterprise as secure as possible. And while no single course of action can guarantee full protection against hacks or breaches, there are steps admins can take to minimize the risk and secure Windows Server enterprises.

These five tips cover some strategies admins can take to increase their Windows Server security, including security changes in the newest Windows Server releases and specific steps to reduce security risks.

Nine steps to help secure Windows Server enterprises

There's no surefire way to prevent any enterprise from being hacked, but there are nine steps to take that can greatly reduce the risk. To further cover your bases after following these tips, bring in a third party to look over your security situation.

How the changes in Windows Server 2012 security affect you

New security features in Windows Server 2012 indicate that Microsoft listened to customer concerns about security. Admins can expect an easier setup of features, bumped-up file security and more protection at a basic level.

PKI updates that help secure Windows Server

With each release of a new Windows Server version, plan on seeing changes and improvements to the server's public key infrastructure. The release of Windows Server 2012 includes changes to PowerShell functionality and the Active Directory Certificate Services role.

Simple ways to increase your information security knowledge

Information security projects can be a major part of a secure Windows Server install, so admins should plan to work on learning and fine-tuning their InfoSec skills. But the most important part of a successful InfoSec project may be one simple realization.

Getting everyone on board with enterprise security

Forming a security committee that includes people outside of IT can help get everyone on the same page about security. People from human resources, executive management or legal can offer ideas about how to improve security.

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