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The top Exchange Server content of the year

Take a look at why these five pieces of Exchange Server content struck a chord with our readers this year.

For this feature, we compiled the five pieces of this year's Exchange Server content -- both tips and features -- that were most popular with our readers. The release of Exchange 2013 was a popular topic, as IT pros looked at the best ways to ensure a successful migration to it. Readers were also interested in looking at the new features in Outlook, as well as what some sudden changes in Microsoft credentials meant for the company's long-term strategy.

Alternative options for reverse proxy options to publish Exchange

Many companies prefer having a secure reverse proxy for publishing Exchange, and used Microsoft's Forefront TMG Server to make it happen, which put them in a bind when Microsoft announced it was discontinuing the server. There are reliable alternatives out there for companies to pursue, but it may be possible for some organizations to keep Forefront TMG for now if it's installed and meeting their needs.

Watch out for these five gotchas during an Exchange 2013 migration

Because Exchange 2013 is a more complex platform than previous versions have been, it leaves behind older features and brings in new features to improve reliability. By knowing five common gotchas that can cause problems when migrating to Exchange 2013, admins can make sure the migration is as smooth as possible and won't be deterred if these gotchas appear during the migration process.

The 10 PowerShell cmdlets Exchange admins need for Exchange 2013

Microsoft is pushing PowerShell management in its new releases, so it's no surprise that there are over 180 new cmdlets in Exchange 2013. This tip highlights the 10 cmdlets you're likely to use for common but important tasks such as finding Exchange licensing information, finding health reports on different Exchange 2013 components and viewing lists of mobile devices for a certain mailbox.

Microsoft ends top-level certs in an attempt to lure IT pros to the cloud

Microsoft's decision to nix the Microsoft Certified Master and Microsoft Certified Architect credentials caught IT pros by surprise and left many angry with the company's decision. Exchange MVP Michael Van Horenbeeck said the decision itself wasn't as upsetting as the way the company handled it. The move also left many IT pros wondering if the move was part of a bigger strategy to force admins to move to the cloud.

A photo story to introduce admins to Outlook 2013

Admins can get an idea of the different changes and new features they can expect to see in Outlook 2013 with this photo story. The most noticeable change is the sleeker interface, which looks much cleaner than it has in previous versions with a hidden folder structure and the Reading panel that isn't enabled by default. But admins will learn there are other changes and many new features that aren't quite as obvious.

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