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This year's five most popular tips for Windows Server admins

Whether it was Windows Server 2012 or getting to know Windows Server 2012 R2, admins used these tips to learn about the OSes.

This year was a busy one for Windows Server admins. Just as they began to consider Windows Server 2012 for their enterprise, Microsoft released the follow-up, Windows Server 2012 R2.

It's no surprise that readers were interested in the two operating systems and their nuances. Click on these five most popular tips to learn more about these operating systems.

Is Server Core in Windows Server 2012 right for you?

Learn the pros and cons of deploying Server Core in Windows Server 2012. It has a smaller attack surface and enhancements for virtualization to benefit Windows Server admins, but it has a learning curve and compatibility issues.

Task automation gets simpler with PowerShell 4.0

Changes in the newest iteration of this scripting language help admins automate tasks. PowerShell 4.0 includes a new feature called Desired State Configuration and also has new parameters.

Seven things to know about Windows Server 2012 deduplication

Data storage demands are increasing, but deduplication can help offset those demands. If Windows Server admins plan to implement deduplication technology in Windows Server 2012, there are seven important things they should know.

Hyper-V's low-cost virtual switch: Five big benefits

The Hyper-V virtual switch, which comes with Windows Server 2012 at no additional cost, is a popular topic on our site. Our expert explores the virtual switch and offers five tips to maximize its returns.

BYOD sync refined: Windows Server 2012 R2 Work Folders

Work Folders, a feature rolled out in Windows Server 2012 R2, assists admins with synchronizing data for offline use in multiple devices. It can be enabled through PowerShell or Server Manager.

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