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Tips for landing the best Windows administrator jobs

Whether you're looking for the best Windows Server job or have been in your position for years, these five tips will help you strengthen your skills.

Windows administrators have to perform a number of tasks, ranging from upgrading hardware to ensuring the security of a Windows environment. While these tasks may eventually become second nature, there are always going to be new security threats, end user mistakes and Windows Server features admins must learn about to remain relevant and advance in Windows administrator jobs.

From the best books to read to preparing for a job interview, these five career tips will help current and prospective IT pros strengthen their skills and help them land one of the many sought-after Windows administrator jobs.

Five valuable Windows admin resources

There are hundreds of books about Windows administration on the market, but sorting through the noise can be difficult. Whether you want to master PowerShell or delve deeper into Windows architecture and internals, expert Ed Tittel narrows down a list of the top five books every Windows administrator should read.

What to expect during a Windows administrator jobs interview

Candidates for a Windows admin position need to be prepared before heading off to a job interview. After reviewing the various duties that a Windows admin is expected to perform, check out these five questions candidates are likely to encounter and our advice on the best way to answer them.

How to make Windows security training work for you

Information security is a lucrative area for IT admins, especially for those working in Windows Server shops. Follow these four steps to build a solid foundation for a career in Windows security.

Keeping up with Microsoft certifications changes

The releases of Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 prompted updates to the MCSA and MCSE certification exams. Before you take either exam, check out our list of changes to find out where to focus your attention.

Develop better communication skills to excel in a Windows Server job

Although some IT pros work in a silo, the success or failure in many Windows administrator jobs often hinges upon an admins ability to communicate with others. Developing better communication skills allows admins to build relationships with c-level execs, other IT teams and end users.

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