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Top 10 Microsoft Outlook and OWA tips of 2011

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve bundled up our 10 most popular Outlook and OWA tips of 2011. One look at the list and you’ll see why these tips kept users clicking all year.

Common Outlook 2010 problems, unsaved passwords and improved Outlook Web App setups are all topics that kept readers clicking in 2011. Here’s a look at your favorite tips of the year.

10. Addressing Outlook Web App 2010 security concerns
Increased OWA 2010 use can amplify security threats to an Exchange 2010 organization. Heed our expert’s advice to avoid security breaches.

9. Identifying Outlook Anywhere connectivity glitches
Outlook Anywhere's initial configuration can be tricky. If you're having trouble connecting, there are a couple tests you can run.

8. Configuring Outlook 2010 send/receive groups
Outlook tasks can overwhelm mailbox servers. Send/receive groups can remove some of that strain if you set them up correctly.

7. Step up your Outlook Web App setup
Outlook Web App is preconfigured on an Exchange 2010 CAS, but default settings aren’t perfect. Tweak your configurations to optimize OWA.

6. Why mssphtb.dll was disabled in Outlook 2010
Admins wonder why Microsoft disabled the mssphtb.dll utility in Outlook 2010. Our expert clears the air on this misunderstood search component.

5. Command-line switches to troubleshoot Outlook 2010 problems
There are several command-line switches you can use with Outlook 2010. These five startup switches will help diagnose and troubleshoot most issues.

4. Four reasons why Outlook passwords are not being saved
Does Outlook continually prompt your users for their passwords? If so, the issue could stem from several different factors.

3. Workarounds for OWA 2010's Web browser limitations
If you’re using Firefox and want to run Outlook Web App 2010 in premium mode, it’ll take a little Internet Explorer spoofing.

2. Free Outlook tool fixes AutoComplete list annoyance
AutoComplete list values in Outlook that you cannot edit. This free tool lets admins and users repair, edit and delete .nk2 files.

1. Repairing three problems that annoy Outlook 2010 users
Outlook 2010 isn't perfect. These three common Outlook 2010 pains may be plaguing your users.

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