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Top 10 Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access tips of 2007

From recovering deleted items to troubleshooting performance, these were the Microsoft Outlook and OWA issues that piqued the most interest in 2007.

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Here is a compilation of the top 10 most viewed Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) tips of 2007. From recovering corrupt calendar entries and deleted items to troubleshooting OWA loading problems in Internet Explorer and Outlook .PST performance issues, these were the Outlook and OWA topics that caught your attention in 2007.

#1    Fixing corrupt Microsoft Outlook calendar entries
Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 can occasionally suffer from corrupt calendar entries. When this happens, certain appointment reminders repeatedly pop up no matter how many times you dismiss them. Learn how to fix this problem.
#2    Performance problems with Outlook 2007 .PST and .OST files
Microsoft Outlook 2007 suffers from serious performance problems when .PST and .OST files are used. Find out what the issue is and get the fix.
#3    Watch out for an Outlook 2007 indexing issue in Windows Vista
Windows Vista's built-in indexer sometimes freezes when attempting to index Outlook 2007 content. Fortunately, there is a workaround that will fix the indexing issue.
#4    Recreating IIS virtual directories for OWA, OMA and Exchange ActiveSync
Exchange Server 2003 uses virtual directories in Internet Information Services (IIS) for a number of Microsoft Exchange services -- mainly, OWA, Outlook Mobile Access (OMA) and Exchange ActiveSync. Learn three different ways you can recreate these IIS virtual directories if they become damaged or corrupted.
#5    How to set up a Deleted Items Retention policy for Outlook
Exchange Server supports a Deleted Items Retention policy that lets you recover messages even after they've been emptied or purged from the Deleted Items folder in Outlook. In this tip, discover how to set up a Deleted Items Retention policy for Outlook.
#6    Microsoft Office's CiceroUIWndFrame component crashes Outlook
A Microsoft Office component called CiceroUIWndFrame can crash Microsoft Outlook. Find out how to fix the CiceroUIWndFrame issue with these steps.
#7    OWA 'Loading' problems with Internet Explorer security zones
Making changes to the definitions of Internet Explorer security zones can cause Outlook Web Access to malfunction, particularly if it's done by a user who isn't well- versed in OWA's security zone setting requirements. This tip explains how to detect this problem and make setting modifications to fix it.
#8    Universal file conversion tool for Microsoft Outlook
There are a number of third-party mail-format conversion and data-export tools for Outlook, but the one that impressed our expert most was ABC Amber Outlook Converter. Learn more about this Outlook tool here.
#9    How to use Microsoft Outlook 2007's Quick Parts
Discover how to use Microsoft Outlook 2007's Quick Parts feature (formerly known as AutoText) to save fragments of text in a gallery for repeated use in email.
#10    Accessing a Microsoft Outlook mailbox from multiple machines
Users can access a Microsoft Outlook mailbox from multiple machines, but problems may arise if they're using different versions of the Outlook email client.

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