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Top 10 Microsoft Outlook tips of 2010

Just in time for the holidays, these top 10 Outlook tips make great stocking stuffers for frustrated users and fellow admins.

Free tools for Microsoft Outlook, common errors and new Outlook 2010 features were all topics that kept our readers clicking in 2010. Take a look at the 10 Outlook tips that stood out this year.

  1. Outlook add-in personalizes bulk email messages
    This Microsoft Outlook add-in tool lets you personalize and send bulk email messages without the overhead of a full bulk-mailing product.

  2. Centralize multiple email accounts within Outlook 2007
    Many users have access to multiple email accounts. The right Outlook 2007 configuration gives you a central location to check all email.

  3. Fixing certificate mismatch errors in Outlook 2007
    Using the wrong info to request an ActiveSync X.509 certificate for Outlook will lead to certificate mismatch errors. Try these fixes.

  4. A look at Microsoft's Outlook Social Connector
    Looking for a tool that tracks Outlook contacts and their social networking activities? Outlook Social Connector alerts you of changes.

  5. Outlook add-on removes duplicate email messages
    If you're tired of sorting through and deleting duplicate Outlook messages, this easy-to-use add-on tool will automate the process.

  6. Crash course on Microsoft Outlook 2007 calendar sharing
    Microsoft Outlook 2007's calendar lets you and your co-workers keep track of your schedule. Learn how to share and access Outlook calendars.

  7. Why is Microsoft Outlook blocking attachments?
    There are two reasons why Microsoft Outlook won’t let users open email attachments. Pinpoint which one is causing your problem and get learn a workaround to allow blocked file types.

  8. Grant access to another user's Outlook 2007 mailbox
    Granting one Outlook 2007 user access to another user's mailbox may be necessary at times. The steps to do it are so easy, even your users can do it.

  9. What's new in Microsoft Outlook 2010?
    Microsoft upped the ante with Outlook 2010 by adding new features to help users increase productivity and become less reliant on the Help Desk.

  10. How to fix the five most common Outlook errors
    Do your users sound like broken records when it comes to certain Outlook error messages? Our expert compiled a list of his users’ five most frequent error messages and some quick fixes.

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