Top 10 Questions: Setting user rights and restrictions with Group Policy

Group Policy was designed to make an IT pro's job easier, but it sure seems like the opposite sometimes! Fortunately, we've gathered our top reader questions on dealing with Group Policy user rights and restrictions to help keep you and your admins on the same page.

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Top 10 Questions: Setting user rights and restrictions with Group Policy

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  1. How can I prohibit users from using the Internet by using Group Policy in a Windows 2000 server?
  2. How can I give users rights to configure and setup printers using a GPO?
  3. How can I restrict user browsing on a Win2K server domain?
  4. Can you help me to allow users local administrative rights to their workstations?
  5. Can I use Group Policy to restrict users from accessing the C drive?
  6. User rights not being assigned: Is this an issue with Group Policy or Active Directory?
  7. Can I use Group Policy to lock down desktops to prohibit users from making changes to their environments?
  8. How do I give users the rights to set their own homepages?
  9. How can I designate specific administrators to specific PCs?
  10. How can I prevent users from installing unauthorized software?

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