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Top 5 Exchange ActiveSync tips

Being able to troubleshoot problems with Exchange ActiveSync, such as NAT firewall failures and other error messages, is crucial to keep users mobilized. This collection of top tips answers the most common ActiveSync problems our users have encountered.

Having the resources to troubleshoot potential Exchange ActiveSync pitfalls is crucial for day-to-day mobile device management. Encountering error messages, problems with NAT firewalls and even simple configuration and management issues are all concerns. Here are our most popular Exchange ActiveSync topics and fixes.

#1    How to configure ActiveSync and manage mobile devices in Exchange 2007
Get the steps needed to configure ActiveSync with mobile devices in Exchange Server 2007.
#2    How to solve common ActiveSync error messages
Determine the root causes of HTTP_500, 0x8083003, ActiveSync synchronization and SSL-related ActiveSync errors, as well as some workarounds to solve each error.
#3    Why Exchange ActiveSync fails with NAT firewalls
Network address translation (NAT) firewalls can cause ActiveSync to fail in Exchange Server 2003. Our expert explains why this failure occurs and gives one of many ways to repair it.
#4    Use Exchange 2007 ActiveSync logs to track mobile device activity
Exchange Server 2007 logs all ActiveSync transactions that go through the server. Learn how to use the Exchange Management Shell to analyze your users' mobile activities and how that can help estimate the monthly cost of adding new users.
#5    OWA Light vs. Exchange ActiveSync
There are many factors to consider when deciding between OWA Light versus ActiveSync. Knowing how they differ with regard to security, ease of use and cost will help you make the right decision.

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