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Top 5 Exchange mobile tips of 2008

Why Exchange ActiveSync fails with NAT firewalls, avoiding Exchange 2007 Direct Push failures and how to decide between OWA Light and Exchange ActiveSync were just some of the top mobile tips that caught our readers' eyes in 2008.

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Based on reader interest, here are the top 5 Microsoft Exchange mobile tips of 2008. Topics such as synchronizing Exchange ActiveSync through a NAT firewall, adjusting firewall session timeout periods to avoid Exchange 2007 Direct Push failures and choosing between OWA Light and Exchange ActiveSync on your Windows Mobile device are just some of the mobile tips that you enjoyed most last year.
#1    Why Exchange ActiveSync fails with NAT firewalls
There is no single solution to the synchronization errors that occur between Exchange ActiveSync and Exchange Server 2003 when the server sits behind a network address translation (NAT) firewall, but this tip can help with the troubleshooting process.
#2    Adjust your firewall to avoid Exchange 2007 Direct Push failures
Read how Microsoft Direct Push can work to synchronize your mobile device with Exchange Server 2007, along with how to adjust firewall session timeout periods to avoid time-consuming connection failures.
#3    Using ActiveSync without a front-end Exchange server
If an organization does not have a dedicated Exchange front-end server, it might find itself prone to ActiveSync synchronization errors. Learn about this issue with mobile devices and discover how to troubleshoot it.
#4    OWA Light vs. Exchange ActiveSync on Windows Mobile devices
Are you wondering whether to use Outlook Web Access (OWA) Light or Exchange ActiveSync for email messages on your Windows Mobile devices? Find out how each method affects mobile device battery life, security, ease of use and cost.
#5    Configure Microsoft SharePoint mobile access via Exchange Server 2007
Allowing for mobile access to Microsoft SharePoint documents in Exchange Server 2007 is a convenient and secure method. Learn how to easily implement SharePoint document access for mobile users.
This was last published in January 2009

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