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Top 5 Exchange mobile tips of 2009

From configuring ActiveSync authentication in Exchange Server 2007 to performing a remote wipe of a mobile device, these were our most popular Microsoft Exchange mobile tips of 2009.

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According to reader interest, we've compiled our top Microsoft Exchange mobile tips of 2009. Read about improvements to Windows Mobile 6.5, details on different ActiveSync authentication methods and how to disable ActiveSync in bulk with EMS commands.
#1    Windows Mobile 6.5 touts ActiveSync and Outlook Mobile improvements
One of the biggest differences between Windows Mobile 6.1 and Windows Mobile 6.5 is a redesigned user interface. That's not the only change, though. Microsoft also changed how to access ActiveSync and made improvements to Outlook Mobile.
#2    Configuring ActiveSync authentication in Exchange Server 2007
See how to configure an ActiveSync authentication method and get details on two ActiveSync authentication methods available in Exchange Server 2007 SP1 -- basic and certificate-based authentication.
#3    Performing a remote wipe on ActiveSync devices in Exchange Server 2007
Learn step-by-step how Exchange Server 2007 users can remotely wipe their ActiveSync mobile using either the Exchange Management Console or OWA.
#4    Which ActiveSync authentication method is best for your mobile device?
Read about the differences of each ActiveSync authentication method to decide which is best to secure mobile devices within your organization.
#5    Disable ActiveSync in bulk with Exchange Management Shell commands
With this Exchange Management Shell script, you can disable 5,000 or more ActiveSync device users in Exchange Server 2007, securing sensitive data from potential loss.

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