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Top 5 Microsoft Exchange Server tips of 2009

From making the jump from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 to which command you should use when migrating Exchange mailboxes, these were the most popular Exchange Server tips of 2009.

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 We present the top five Microsoft Exchange Server tips that kept readers clicking in 2009. From jumping from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 to deciding which option to use when moving mailboxes in Exchange, these were our most popular Exchange Server-related tips of the past year.

#1    Leapfrogging from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010
Is your company considering leapfrogging from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010? It may be the best way to see benefits of cost savings, a stronger client access server and numerous backup and recovery options.
#2    When to use Move Mailbox Wizard or ExMerge to move Exchange mailboxes
Exchange administrators have a couple options when moving mailboxes -- Move Mailbox Wizard and ExMerge. Which one you use depends on your migration project and your version of Exchange Server. Learn which tool is best to move mailboxes in your Exchange environment.
#3    Using the Export-Mailbox command in Exchange Server 2007
Get an overview of how to use the Export-Mailbox command to migrate Exchange Server 2007 mailbox content. Get an overview of how this command differs from ExMerge and the Move Mailbox Wizards, some of its limitations, compatibility issues and more.
#4    New high availability features in Exchange Server 2010
Microsoft Exchange Server expert Brien Posey explains high-availability improvements in Exchange 2010, including changes to clustered and non-clustered mailbox servers, scalability and more.
#5    ExMerge gotchas to watch for when migrating Exchange 2003 mailboxes
When migrating mailboxes in Exchange 2003, ExMerge is a good option because of its flexibility. However, you may encounter a few issues, such as Outlook rules breaking and attachments getting lost during the migration process.

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