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Top 5 Microsoft Outlook tips of 2009

From accessing and customizing Microsoft Outlook 2007 data files to how mailbox size and storage affect performance, these were our most viewed Outlook tips in 2009.

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According to your clicks, we've collected our most popular Microsoft Outlook tips of 2009. Read about how data file storage in Roaming and Local folders works, how to access and customize Outlook 2007 data files, and how excessive storage affects Outlook performance.
#1    Understand data file storage in Outlook 2007 Roaming and Local folders
Microsoft Outlook 2007 has several data and customization files, making it easy to forget which files do what. Get an explanation of the various files within Outlook 2007's Roaming and Local folders and learn how they're used.
#2    How to access and customize Microsoft Outlook 2007 data files
Microsoft Outlook 2007 contains different data files that reside in various locations. Get the information you need to access your Windows profile plus you'll get some steps to customize Outlook 2007.
#3    Effects of excessive mailbox size and storage on Outlook performance
So you applied the February 2009 cumulative update or Microsoft Office 2007 SP2, but Outlook is still performing poorly. Why? Maybe it's time to check how much data is being stored in your users Exchange mailboxes.
#4    Group policy settings for Outlook 2007 in cached mode
Using Outlook 2007 in cached mode allows mobile users to access mailboxes while not connected to Exchange Server. There are some different .ost file group policy settings you can use to control how Outlook 2007 operates in cached mode.
#5    How profile redirection in Windows Vista affects Outlook data files
You may know where certain data files reside in Windows XP, but do you know where they are in Vista? This tip uncovers the locations of Microsoft Outlook data files in Windows Vista compared to Windows XP, how profile redirection works and how it affects Outlook data files.

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