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Top 5 OWA tips of 2009

Read through our most popular OWA tips of 2009 and learn how to troubleshoot logon problems, prevent error messages and boost OWA performance.

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Based on your page views, here are our top five Outlook Web Access tips of 2009. Topics that caught your collective eye include troubleshooting OWA logon issues and error messages, configuration tips to boost performance and how to simplify an OWA URL for users.
#1    Troubleshooting Microsoft Outlook Web Access logon issues
Are you experiencing problems logging into Microsoft Outlook Web Access? Although OWA isn't the most complicated application, its numerous deployment options can cause problems. Learn different troubleshoot methods you can use to alleviate your OWA logon headaches.
#2    Fix 'Service unavailable' errors and other common OWA login problems
Common OWA logon errors involve unavailable service or inheritance errors. Causes for these errors can range from the use of mismatched ASP.NET versions on an OWA server to incorrect user permissions. This tip explains why users might receive these error messages and how to prevent them.
#3    When OWA's default configurations aren't good enough
OWA runs fairly well with its default configurations in Exchange. But it could run better. This tip explains why it's important to determine the appropriate virtual directory and why you should consider simplifying your OWA URL.
#4    OWA 2007 configuration tricks to boost performance
Outlook Web Access 2007's default configurations work well for most, but what about users with a slow Internet connection? You can configure Gzip compression and enable WebReady Document Viewing to improve OWA performance.
#5    Simplify an OWA URL on Windows Server 2008
Although the process is fairly straightforward, the method to simplify an OWA URL for users is different if you're running Windows Server 2008. Get the steps to simplify an OWA URL redirect and learn about some possible side effects.

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