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Top 5 SharePoint and Exchange Server how-tos

What are the pros and cons of using SharePoint as an email-archiving solution? What shouldn't you do when setting up a SharePoint calendar? Get those answers and more in this collecton of our five hottest SharePoint and Server 2007 tips.

SharePoint is more than collaboration software. It can be used for email archiving in Exchange Server, to display public folder data and to share calendar information in Outlook. This collection of top five SharePoint tips outlines some capabilities that you might have been missing.

  1. Does Microsoft SharePoint make a good email archiving solution?
    Our Exchange expert set up SharePoint as his email-archiving solution and discovered some interesting pros and cons with this method.
  2. Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint calendar dos and don'ts
    Improperly linking and labeling calendar entries from Outlook can confuse other SharePoint team members. Take a look at some other dos and don'ts when linking these technologies.
  3. Meeting Workspaces in MOSS 2007
    Discover what Meeting Workspaces are and how you can use them to effectively plan and schedule meetings in an Exchange 2007 organization.
  4. Opening SharePoint document libraries in Outlook 2007
    The MOSS 2007 Web interface isn't the only way to access document libraries. Learn the alternate -- linking a SharePoint document library from Microsoft Outlook 2007 -- in this tip.
  5. Displaying Exchange 2007 public folders in SharePoint
    Configuring Exchange 2007 public folder data so that it's viewable in SharePoint is a good way to familiarize new users with the collaboration software. But is it possible? Our expert aims to find out.

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