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Top Exchange administration tips of 2012

We published more than 100 great Exchange administration tips in 2012. Based on your clicks, we present our annual best-of list.

Exchange admins and IT pros come to our site for help with various Exchange administration issues, helpful tips, tricks and the like. We publish dozens upon dozens of tips each year, but understandably, some stand out more than others.

Exchange Server virtualization, ActiveSync advice and early looks at Exchange Server 2013 were all popular topics in 2012. Have a look at our Exchange administration tips that were most often read in the past year.

10. Virtualizing Exchange 2010: Making the case for VMware

Contemplating an Exchange 2010 virtualization project? Consider VMware vSphere; its maturity, price and features make it a good candidate.

9. Trim your phone bills with Exchange ActiveSync tweaks

A few minor Exchange ActiveSync adjustments will not only lower your company's phone bills, but also ease Exchange administration and keep users happy.

8. Are Hyper-V 3.0 enhancements enough to entice Exchange shops?

Hyper-V 3.0 offers Exchange shops plenty of reasons to consider Microsoft for Exchange virtualization. But are they enough to sway those loyal to VMware, and how will they affect Exchange administration?

7. Supercharge Exchange virtualization with vSphere 5

VMware vSphere 5 has hundreds of new features. Among those are five that clearly benefit Exchange Server virtualization.

6. Locating unused Exchange Server mailboxes with PowerShell code

Unused Exchange mailboxes are not only a licensing issue, but pose a security risk as well. This tip includes the PowerShell you'll need to pinpoint empty and inactive mailboxes.

5. Distinguishing between Exchange 2010 mail contacts and mail users

It's easy to confuse Exchange 2010 mail users with mail contacts. Here's what makes one different from the other.

4. Exchange 2013 prep checklist

Looking forward to deploying Exchange Server 2013? Proper preparation before implementing Exchange 2013 will ease the transition and help you understand Exchange administration changes. Check off these 10 tasks before taking the plunge.

More on Exchange administration

Take a look at our top Exchange administration tips of 2011.

3. An intro to Exchange Server 2013 modern public folders

Exchange 2013's modern public folders offer Exchange admins all the benefits of past versions' public folders without the well-known drawbacks.

2. An MVP's first take on Exchange 2013

Are you interested in Exchange 2013 but don't have time to sift through pages of documentation? Our expert evaluates the most interesting changes since Exchange 2010.

1. How Exchange ActiveSync on Windows 8 makes BYOD more practical

Windows 8 and Windows RT lean on an old friend -- ActiveSync -- for Exchange connectivity. It improves Exchange mailbox security on tablets, making BYOD more feasible for Exchange organizations.

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