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Top IT holiday content

From the top Microsoft Outlook tips of 2009 to the future of virtual disaster recovery, our top IT holiday content has a little something for everyone.

From the top Microsoft Outlook tips of 2009 to the future of virtual disaster recovery, our top IT holiday content has a little something for everyone.

2009 in review

Server virtualization technology: 2009 in review
Catch up on all the server virtualization technology news from 2009 and find out what 2010 has in store with our year-end recap.

Virtualization news: Top 10 stories of 2009
VMware, Microsoft and Citrix all released new server virtualization products in 2009. Find out which became the biggest virtualization news story of the year.

Hyper-V R2, vSphere 4 dominate virtualization headlines in 2009
In this second half of our top 10 news stories of the year, we recap how the Hyper-V R2 and vSphere 4 releases escalated the Hyper-V vs. VMware feud.

Top 5 Microsoft Outlook tips of 2009
From accessing and customizing Microsoft Outlook 2007 data files to how mailbox size and storage affect performance, these were our most viewed Outlook tips in 2009.

Top 5 Microsoft Exchange Server tips of 2009
From making the jump from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010, to which command to use when migrating Exchange mailboxes, these were the most popular Exchange Server tips of 2009.

Top 10 SharePoint tips of 2009
Before ringing in the New Year, take a look back at the top-rated SharePoint tips from 2009.

Top 10 SQL Server tips of 2009
Before you say goodbye to 2009, take a look at the top-rated SQL Server tips of the year, with pointers on using functions like OPENROWSET and FILESTREAM, information on password cracking tools, and advice on a few DBA tasks that are wasting your time.

Top 10 Windows desktop security tips of 2009
Check out the best -- and most popular -- Windows desktop security tips of 2009, including info on Windows 7 security, a guide to Sysinternals and password advice.

A look ahead at 2010

Virtual disaster recovery will evolve in 2010
Server virtualization technologies -- such as virtual disaster recovery, server consolidation and security -- will dominate virtualization trends in 2010.

2010 predictions: VMware to cut prices, Citrix to dump XenServer
In our predictions for server virtualization in 2010, we wager that VMware will respond to aggressive price pressure with price reductions and Citrix will shutter XenServer development.

Desktop security predictions for 2010
Smarter hackers, more malicious malware and the rise of social engineering may make 2010 a dangerous year in terms of security. See what to look out for to keep your desktops safe.

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