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Top five OWA tips for the busy Exchange administrator

Have a look at the OWA tips our readers found most helpful in 2010.

Exchange administrators are often plagued with Outlook Web Access questions. Here are the five OWA tips that you turned to in times of trouble in 2010.

  1. New OWA features in Exchange Server 2010
    Rebranded Outlook Web App in Exchange Server 2010, OWA now supports Firefox and Safari Web browsers and includes new features like Mail Tips and message filtering.

  2. How to create multiple OWA instances
    Follow these steps to create multiple Outlook Web Access instances on any version of Windows. This shortcut lets you assign different sets of OWA features to users.

  3. Optimizing the OWA experience
    This five-part Outlook Web Access guide explains how to customize OWA configurations and improve security.

  4. Registry hack lets OWA users reset their passwords

    Find out how to connect an iPhone to OWA.

    Are your OWA users having difficulty logging into their accounts? This registry edit lets users reset OWA passwords, even if their passwords have expired.

  5. OWA's new calendaring features in Exchange 2010
    OWA calendaring has greatly improved in Exchange Server 2010. This expert tip details ways to share calendars, check users' contact availability and open another user's mailbox.

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