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Top five Windows Server tips of 2010

Ring in the New Year with the top Windows Server tips of 2010, including the most common Hyper-V hiccups to avoid and the latest on domain controller virtualization.

From new tools and OS features to virtualization and the cloud, there was no shortage of Windows Server-related topics to discuss in 2010. In case you missed any, here are our top admin tips from the past year, including a how-to on Windows Server in the cloud, a review of a free blue screen revival tool and much more.

#5. Step-by-step: Building a Windows Server instance in the cloud
Cloud computing has affected many areas of IT over the past year, and Windows is obviously no exception. But when it comes to Windows Server-as-a-service, many IT pros have wondered, “How do you do that?” Here, Microsoft MVP Greg Shields reviews the steps for building and launching Windows Server in the cloud.

#4. Taking a second look at domain controller virtualization
A few years ago, Microsoft’s strict guidelines made it extremely tricky to virtualize DCs in a Windows environment. But the times they are a changin’, as technical writer Gary Olsen points out in this tip. While security and administration are still primary concerns, these days there are some helpful workarounds to simplify domain controller virtualization in a big way.

#3. Five Group Policy preferences you must implement right now
Although Microsoft Group Policy has been around for many years, the release of Windows Server 2008 introduced a new set of extensions that simplify account management, called Group Policy preferences (GPP). Find out which GPPs you simply can’t wait any longer to apply in this tip.

#2. Free Windows Server utility brings blue screens back to life
Resolving a blue screen of death (BSOD) can be a real pain for admins. But while reviving an affected Windows machine often involves a boatload of work to crack, a free utility from NirSoft just might do the trick. In this article, IT author Serdar Yegulalp provides a quick overview of the utility and explains what it can do for you.

#1. Five mistakes to avoid when deploying Hyper-V virtual machines
As server virtualization continues to become more popular, so does Microsoft Hyper-V. Learn some of the most common mistakes admins make when deploying virtual machines and how to avoid them in this tip from consultant Eric Beehler.

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