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Top iPhone apps for Windows admins: AD HelpDesk

While the AD HelpDesk application doesn't cover all things Active Directory, it does give admins extensive password management functionality straight from their iPhones.


#5: AD HelpDesk

AD HelpDesk
(Image credit: iTunes App Store)

Active Directory comes to the iPhone with AD HelpDesk – sort of. The app from software developer John Bowers provides IT pros with remote password functionality for modifying Active Directory user accounts.

Supports: all versions of Microsoft Active Directory

Devices: iPhone and iPod Touch

Features: Reset passwords, find locked accounts, notify users of new password assignments and unlock, enable and disable accounts

Reviewers give AD HelpDesk a 4 out of 5 star rating in the iTunes App Store. While the app does not provide access to Active Directory groups or computers, it was actually never intended to do so. Bowers said that the app should be of most use to help desk pros dealing with password-related requests. (Read our full blog post on AD HelpDesk and view a short demo.)

Price: $4.99 (AD HelpDesk Lite is also available as a free trial)


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This was last published in September 2010

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