Understanding Exchange Server 2007 backup and disaster recovery

Exchange Server 2007 backup and disaster recovery has evolved. Learn about new Exchange 2007 features and tools to backup and restore data more reliably.

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Protecting Exchange Server 2007 data is a critical task for administrators. Understanding Exchange Server 2007 backup basics and learning the latest disaster recovery techniques will make the job easier. In this learning center, get an overview of new Exchange Server 2007 high availability features such as continuous replication, discover native and third-party tools to securely back up and restore Exchange 2007 data, and much more.

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Five Microsoft Exchange Server backup worst practices
Are you backing up Microsoft Exchange Server properly? Be aware of these five Exchange Server backup worst practices to avoid any disaster recovery mishaps.

Exchange Server 2007 hardware planning for continuous replication
In Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft addresses disaster recovery with a new feature called continuous replication. The Exchange Server hardware planning that goes into using continuous replication is critical. Get tips on how to properly plan your hardware needs to effectively use continuous replication.

Re-enable Exchange Server 2007 remote streaming backups in SP1
Read about a workaround that edits the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 registry in Service Pack 1 (SP1) to re-enable remote streaming backups.

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Managing local continuous replication in Exchange 2007
Local continuous replication (LCR), a high availability solution for the Exchange 2007's Mailbox Server role, uses the new continuous replication technology introduced in Exchange Server 2007. This backup and disaster recovery feature uses built-in asynchronous log shipping and log replay technology to create and maintain a copy of a storage group on a second set of disks that are connected to the same Exchange server as the production storage group.

Managing an Exchange 2007 cluster continuous replication setup
In a clustered continuous replication (CCR) setup solution in Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, transaction logs generated on the active node are replicated to the information store on the passive server node. An Exchange 2007 CCR setup provides redundancy for both Exchange Services and the information stores.

Managing an Exchange 2007 single copy cluster setup
An Exchange Server 2007 single copy cluster (SCC), a clustered mailbox serve, provides backup using a single copy of a storage group that is shared between the nodes. The primary benefit of an SCC is that it provides high availability of server resources because one node takes over in disaster recovery should the active node be taken offline or fail for some reason.

Continuous Backup for Exchange Server with DPM 2007
Get step-by-step instructions on how to use Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2007 to back up Exchange Server 2007. (MSExchange.org).


The evolution of Exchange backup -- Changes in Exchange Server 2007
It is vital to understand how to backup Exchange Server properly and regularly -- and to ensure that your Exchange Server databases can be restored. In this webcast, Exchange expert Lee Benjamin examines how backup and recovery has changed in Exchange Server 2007 from previous versions.


Third-party Exchange Server 2007 backup and restore tools
Streaming and brick-level backups take too long in Exchange Server 2007. Learn about two third-party tools to quickly back up and restore Exchange 2007 data.

How to use the Backup tool to back up and restore Exchange Server 2007 data
Learn how to use the Backup tool (NTBackup.exe), which is the backup application included in Windows Server 2003, to protect and retrieve Exchange Server 2007 data.

The Exchange Server Backup and Recovery Toolbox
Take control of your email data with this powerhouse collection of Exchange Server backup and recovery tools. From restoring corrupted databases and deleted email to reclaiming missing public folders and .PST files, you'll find the resources you need to master backup and recovery in an Exchange environment.

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