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What you need to know about Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

Azure ExpressRoute provides a private cloud connection that is secure and predictable. Read our Azure ExpressRoute FAQ to find out more about this Microsoft cloud feature.

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute allows organizations to extend an on-premises network into the Microsoft cloud without going over the public Internet. To use ExpressRoute, an organization works with a connectivity provider that facilitates the use of a dedicated private connection. ExpressRoute offers enterprises secure and predictable network performance with high bandwidth and low latency.

This FAQ will look at several Azure ExpressRoute features, as well as pricing considerations organizations should keep in mind before purchasing a plan.

What options are there for Azure ExpressRoute connections?

Standard Azure ExpressRoute connections are confined to the user's geopolitical region, but the premium add-on allows connectivity to cross geopolitical boundaries -- for an additional fee.

Advantages of Azure ExpressRoute for a private cloud connection

There are two pricing models for Azure ExpressRoute -- metered and unlimited -- but choosing one plan depends on how much monthly data a business uses.

Azure ExpressRoute allows organizations to work with a connectivity provider to bypass the public Internet to connect to Azure. ExpressRoute is beneficial in instances such as data migration, backup and disaster recovery, and provides reliability and security.

Three ways to connect to the cloud with Azure ExpressRoute

There are three methods organizations can use to connect to an Azure data center using ExpressRoute, including wide area network integration. Certain prerequisites -- such as a valid Azure subscription -- must be met before a business can use ExpressRoute.

Azure ExpressRoute pricing options

There are two pricing models for Azure ExpressRoute -- metered and unlimited -- but choosing one plan depends on how much monthly data a business uses.

Connect to Office 365 with Azure ExpressRoute

Although Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute isn't required for a successful Office 365 deployment, it can add an extra layer of predictability and network traffic management. However, it might not make sense for all organizations.

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