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Your Exchange 2016 cheat sheet

Microsoft is still refining Exchange 2016 for release later this year, but the company has already outlined key features and capabilities.

Microsoft put out a lot of information at the Ignite Conference, especially in regards to the latest iteration of its email messaging system -- Exchange Server 2016.

The system, scheduled for release later this year, is Microsoft's attempt to bring new features and capabilities developed in the cloud down to on-premises servers. In addition to these new features and capabilities, Exchange 2016 will also include improvements to existing features in Exchange.

Here's a recap of Exchange 2016's appearances at the Ignite Conference and what we know about the system so far.

Attendees get a sneak peek of Exchange Server 2016

There were only a few sessions at the conference about the latest iteration of Exchange Server, but those sessions were packed with information about the features and capabilities admins could expect as Microsoft continued to push its "cloud-first" motto.

Experts give feedback on what's coming in Exchange Server 2016

Two Exchange experts who attended the Ignite conference offered their takes on the Exchange 2016 features and capabilities they were most excited to experience, including a more refined architecture setup and improvements to existing Exchange features.

One expert reflects on how the cloud took center stage

The upcoming releases of on-premises server versions stood out to MVP J. Peter Bruzzese, who noted that just because Microsoft's been developing and testing features in the cloud doesn't mean that on-premises is "last or lost."

Deployment experiences to prep for in Exchange 2016

Exchange expert Richard Luckett thought that three specific changes involving Exchange Server 2016's architecture and management could make this version of Exchange easier to deploy than past versions.

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