Enterprise Infrastructure Management

  • March 24, 2003 24 Mar'03

    New Novadigm product tracks software usage

    Paying for software licenses your company does not use? Novadigm's new Radia Usage Manager may soothe those licensing worries.

  • March 19, 2003 19 Mar'03

    'We're not moving SMS to storage,' MS exec says

    Customers of Microsoft's management software products need not panic because of a recent shuffle in Redmond, a company official says.

  • March 18, 2003 18 Mar'03

    Management software deserves higher stature, Wise says

    Word from the Wise: Microsoft could do a better job of putting management software on the IT map. In an interview, an executive of longtime Microsoft partner Wise Solutions talked about its relationship with the software giant, the importance of ...

  • March 17, 2003 17 Mar'03

    Some admins disappointed by Microsoft realignment

    The jury is still out on what it all means, but some administrators are expressing disappointment over Microsoft's recent decision to move responsibility for its manageability products from the software maker's Windows group to its storage group.

  • March 07, 2003 07 Mar'03

    Highway department detours to server-based computing

    A Windows administrator for San Francisco's highway department aims to reduce time spent on desktop maintenance by making the switch to a server-based system. It's a move that involves a lot of heavy lifting on IT maintenance up front, but it offers...

  • March 03, 2003 03 Mar'03

    NetIQ joins IM management scrum

    Today, NetIQ released software to help organizations manage the explosion of instant messaging traffic that has popped up on their networks.

  • February 26, 2003 26 Feb'03

    Enterprise IM has dues to pay

    Everyone's getting the message now -- IM is going to be big business. But this well-established personal tool has many dues to pay before it becomes a mainstream business tool.

  • February 26, 2003 26 Feb'03

    Microsoft exec chimes in on corporate IM

    Sometime following the late-April launch of Windows Server 2003, Microsoft will introduce its real-time communication technology, code-named Greenwich, which will become part of the server platform. The beta version of Greenwich will be released ...

  • February 19, 2003 19 Feb'03

    IT departments great and small seek server-monitoring tools

    Windows administrators at big and small companies alike are looking for ways to monitor their servers, but not just any way. Cost and simplicity constitute a key combination. IpMonitor, a 6-year-old application, is the front-runner for a couple of ...

  • February 18, 2003 18 Feb'03

    Commentary: Stay away from brain dumps

    Just say no to brain dumps? In this commentary, certification expert Ed Tittel explains why the temptation to feed your head at a brain dump just isn't worth the risks.

  • February 18, 2003 18 Feb'03

    Admin Know-IT-All Question #23

    Admin Know-IT-All Question #23

  • February 18, 2003 18 Feb'03

    Securing wireless, part 2: WLAN best practices

    In part one of this series, security expert Roberta Bragg discussed wireless security features. In this article, Bragg provides the steps to a more secure wireless LAN.

  • February 07, 2003 07 Feb'03

    Microsoft to guide DBAs, ISVs, partners into Yukon

    Microsoft plans to offer up a tour deep into Yukon, the code-name for its next generation database. The company promises to take DBAs, ISVs and partners deep into Yukon's core so they can get their hands dirty, as long as those taking the tour ...

  • February 06, 2003 06 Feb'03

    Microsoft aims for more reliability, respect in data center

    Microsoft has started a program to drive down the downtime as well as win more respect from IT managers. One analyst says that the new Datacenter High Availability Program could help Microsoft counter critics who say Windows has a reliability ...

  • February 05, 2003 05 Feb'03

    Unmasking a Microsoft imposter

    Beware of hackers bearing bogus Microsoft patches. The red flags are flapping in the breeze -- and they're pretty easy to spot.