Windows administrator jobs and training

  • January 26, 2003 26 Jan'03

    Are you a contender?

    Are you worthy of membership in's Hall of Fame, which now boasts over 50 successful IT professionals among its ranks? You're going to have to get into the game to find out. It's time to test your mettle against your IT peers in our...

  • January 07, 2003 07 Jan'03

    Admin Know-IT-All Question #18

    Admin Know-IT-All Question #18

  • December 18, 2002 18 Dec'02

    What's hot; what's not

    What were the hot buttons for Windows admins this year? Not Microsoft technologies! Four of our most-read news stories were about Linux and the highest number of clicks -- more than 28,000 -- went to an interview with the director of database ...

  • November 26, 2002 26 Nov'02

    Experts: Don't skimp on SMS training

    Sure times are tough, and money is tight. But don't shortchange your staff on training. Some experts say honing platform skills is as important as the platform itself -- maybe more so.

  • November 25, 2002 25 Nov'02

    Experts' roadmap to Windows management training

    Where can IT pros get trained on Microsoft's new management tools? How much will this training cost? Our experts offer a guide to training resources and some words of wisdom about choosing the right training option.

  • November 06, 2002 06 Nov'02

    KIA Quiz #1: Dive, dive!

    KIA Quiz #1: Dive, dive!

  • November 05, 2002 05 Nov'02

    Admin Know-IT-All Question #10

    Admin Know-IT-All Question #10

  • September 09, 2002 09 Sep'02

    IT pros: MCSE no substitute for experience

    The MCSE -- it' a cert. that certainly doesn't hurt your resume, but according to IT pros who do the hiring, you'd better have experience. Otherwise your MCSE may be just a piece of paper.

  • June 26, 2002 26 Jun'02

    IT Pro File: From Vietnam to the classroom

    Meet IT pro Douglas Paddock, who shares an IT problem-solving story, one of his IT bloopers, and his IT best practices dos and don'ts. Then, tell us about yourself!

  • January 04, 2002 04 Jan'02

    Top five virtual workplace dos and don'ts

    Organizations with many remote workers can bring them all together in virtual office. Here are the top five dos and don'ts for building a virtual office.

  • August 30, 2001 30 Aug'01

    Dos and don'ts to help desk success

    Management tools can automate help desk processes, but it takes a skilled IT manager to make those tools work to the best of their capabilities. To add to help desk managers' skill sets, searchWindowsManageability asked help desk experts to offer ...