Windows client management

  • June 11, 2002 11 Jun'02

    Users can't stump Tom Shinder, SWM expert

    IT pros keep trying to stump SearchWindowsManageability's resident management tools expert, Thomas Shinder. But he's too smart for them! Here are his answers to some users' tough questions.

  • June 06, 2002 06 Jun'02

    Windows Decisions 2002 presentation slides

    Here is your one-stop show for all the PowerPoint presentations from SearchWin2000's Windows Decisions 2002 conference in Chicago, May 8-10. Refresh your memory on the sessions you attended. Or, if you weren't able to attend, take a look at them for...

  • June 06, 2002 06 Jun'02

    Gartner: Asset management undervalued

    Asset management -- it does a company good, particularly when software firms like Microsoft are cracking down on licenses. So if it makes such good sense, why is only one out of four companies doing it right?

  • June 04, 2002 04 Jun'02

    A fish story: Microsoft's fleet goes deep

    How do you get a tuna from the sea to the seafood section as efficiently as possible? One fishing firm reeled in Microsoft's fleet of products to do the job.

  • June 03, 2002 03 Jun'02

    Microsoft puts more in storage

    Storage -- it's a big deal. Microsoft evidently thinks so. The company has enlisted Precise Software's TruStor technology to manage disk space quotas for the forthcoming "Longhorn" operating system.

  • May 29, 2002 29 May'02

    Can IIS 6.0 take the heat?

    Microsoft's IIS 5.0 was some fine dining for worms. The company needed to make the next version less tantalizing to intruders, and more appealing to customers.

  • May 28, 2002 28 May'02

    Licenses? We don't need no stinking licenses, part 1

    The Business Software Alliance could be knocking on your door sometime soon. Maybe now's a good time to figure out if you have all the correct licenses for the software you're running.

  • May 28, 2002 28 May'02

    The dirty side of software piracy, part 2

    Are you using illegal software and don't know it? Do you know there's a stiff penalty for piracy? It's time to wise up, then, because an audit from the Business Software Alliance can be very unpleasant.

  • May 23, 2002 23 May'02

    Access denied: XP puts a fence around software

    One of the big problems with corporate America's employee-as-empowered-computer-user philosophy is that users have way too many opportunities to muck up their machines. XP Group Policy gives savvy admins the ability to hide and prevent access to ...

  • May 22, 2002 22 May'02

    Louisiana hospital finds scalable solution in SQL data warehouse

    Curtis Boyd had a miniscule budget. Yet, he needed to quickly replace a nearly 20 year-old mainframe system to reduce report generation times from two weeks to one day. Sounds like Mission: Impossible, right? Well, with a little patience and a lot ...

  • May 20, 2002 20 May'02

    Experts' dos & don'ts: Maximizing Windows performance, part 2

    Performance tuning experts Chris Amaris and Kenton Gardinier can help you transform your Windows systems into speed demons. In part two of this series, they discuss network monitoring and Exchange and Active Directory storage.

  • May 20, 2002 20 May'02

    Experts' dos & don'ts: Maximizing Windows performance, part 3

    Get ready. Chris Amaris and Kenton Gardinier dish out performance tuning advice in the final article of our three-part series on maximizing Windows performance. Here, they discuss Group Policy and traffic analysis.

  • May 17, 2002 17 May'02

    Server Wars: Attack of the penguin

    Are Linux and Windows the greatest threats to the Unixverse? To read the sales numbers, it may appear so. But if you read between the numbers, you realize that they just reflect an evolving computerscape.

  • May 15, 2002 15 May'02

    "Self-googling": Admit it, you do it

    Dropped your own name into Google lately? Everybody has "googled" himself or herself at least once (admit it!). But keep in mind, ego tripping through cyberspace can find the skeletons in your closet -- and out them.

  • May 13, 2002 13 May'02

    Windows Decisions: Mark Minasi's Microsoft musings

    Many a truth is said in jest, especially when the speaker is Mark Minasi, teacher, speaker, author, self-proclaimed alpha geek and a long-time observer of Microsoft and the Windows operating system. Minasi sat down at the TechTarget Windows ...